5 SEO Guidelines To Get Recruitment Website Ranked On Google

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective techniques for improving any industry. From shortlisting to interviewing, firms will go to great lengths to attract excellent candidates by implementing a robust SEO strategy.

Recruitment websites should be built and designed in such a way that they aid in the hiring process. This can help you recruit more talent and receive more applications from job seekers seeking new possibilities. It’s not enough to just have a well-designed recruitment website.

To make sure it works, your website should be SEO friendly and should be found easily by Google and other major search engines. Find more information for leading IT recruitment agencies Dubai and how to improve their SEO performance in the below post.

Check the five helpful hints for improving your recruitment agency’s online appearance that you should implement on your website.

1. Perform keyword research and website optimization.

Using keywords that are related to the job you offer and the services you provide can help your website rank higher. This technique will assist you in determining the level of competition for particular keywords. It’s pointless to target a keyword that you believe is important to your recruitment firm if no one is looking for it.

After you’ve compiled a list of names or phrases, make sure to incorporate them into your website. Overcrowding your site with keywords, on the other hand, may have a negative impact.

Make sure these keywords exist in a natural context and that the material on your site delivers value to your viewers. As a result, Google will give you a higher search ranking, which will help your internet presence.

With this in mind, and after establishing a solid web presence, you can focus on improving your marketing funnel and scale your business.

2. Add new content to your recruitment website

Google favors websites that are regularly updated with fresh, high-quality material. It’s simple to post your job openings and add other pages to your site that are relevant. This could even help you rank higher. Another strategy to keep your site fresh is to write articles with targeted keywords. It will bring in more new users and keep them on your site for longer periods of time.

3. Participate in social media

These days, social media is a popular forum for pretty much anything and everything. The usage of social media for recruiting has exploded in recent years, and there are numerous SEO methods that will assist your social media platform as a recruitment firm.

Although it has no direct effect on your site’s rating, it is an important aspect of your overall strategy. It’s a great way to bring in new people and raise awareness about the job opportunities on your site.

Make sure you’ve done your homework before you start optimizing the various social media networks. It’s pointless to promote all of your job openings on every social media platform. Instead, locate the one that delivers you the most visitors who are most likely to apply for a job and post them there.

For recruiters, these sites provide an extra means of promoting job openings, thereby increasing their visibility. Make it simple for people to ‘like’ your job postings and encourage them to share them for more exposure.

Candidates will be able to find your firm and employment opportunities if they have a strong social media presence. Find more information for leading IT recruitment agencies Dubai and how to measure the effectiveness of their website.

4. Evaluate the effectiveness of your recruitment website

If you want to track the success of your recruitment website, make sure it’s set up using Google Analytics. This tool gives you a snapshot of your website’s performance. You can observe when and how users access your site, as well as how they interact with it.

Google Analytics will also inform you which pages your potential audience visits before applying for positions, whether they are returning or new visitors, and whether they are using mobile phones. This information is critical for future website enhancements as well as marketing tactics.

5. Your website should be mobile-friendly

It’s not enough to simply make your site mobile-friendly by making it viewable on mobile devices. Currently, over 80% of job searchers say they use a mobile device throughout their job hunt. Changing your standard recruitment procedure to one that is mobile-friendly can improve your candidate experience dramatically.

Making your site efficient and appealing to job seekers on smaller screens will ensure that they can easily reach your sites during their search. Your mobile sites should be appealing and effective, with easy-to-read and navigate material; this means no pinching and zooming to explore your site.

If your photos aren’t optimized, the font size is too small, or the buttons aren’t finger-friendly, Google may penalize your website by not indexing your site pages for mobile searches, resulting in a low overall rating.


Find more information for leading IT recruitment agencies Dubai and their SEO tactics by following the steps outlined above. This will help to make your website SEO-friendly so that it can be found by Google and other major search engines, as well as increase conversions.

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