December 8, 2022

5 Questions That You Should Ask To SEO Experts

SEO questions

SEO is one of the trending and most popular marketing techniques used by the website owners to rank their websites in Google search engine using organic techniques. Although SEO is a time taking process, the results give you long term benefits.

To grow your business online you need to find the best SEO expert for your website who understands your services and user requirements. Every website has its own customer base and being SEO experts they need to understand the psychology of the user and provide the right information.

SEO questions

There are many SEO freelancers and Agencies out there who are providing SEO services. It is really a very tough process to find out the best SEO expert out of them. So in this article we are going to share the top 5 questions from which you can analyze the SEO expert you are planning to hire in future and you can differentiate from others on the basis of these questions.

1. Experience

If you don’t know anything about SEO and you are looking for an SEO expert  then you should give weightage to the experience. But if you understand SEO and you know how things work then you can also consider a starter or intermediate level of SEO professional.

Most of the experts are working on all the projects but there are few who take projects in specific niches. For example there are SEO professionals who are experts only in real estate only and there are others freelancers who only take projects of e-commerce.

So depending upon your niche or category you can choose the best SEO Agency or freelancer for your business.

2. Improvement and Performance

Do not hesitate to ask them about their previous projects and what improvement they have  managed to achieve in their previous projects. You can ask them what the target was and how they managed to achieve that particular target in a given period of time.

You must analyze their performance with each other when you are taking interviews of multiple SEO freelancers.

3. Case Studies

You can also ask for the case studies from the SEO experts to understand how they actually work and what kind of strategy they have used to achieve that particular result. Case studies and SEO practices give you the fair idea of the marketing timeline and give you the idea what can be done initially. 

This will save your time and efforts and things will work faster towards achieving the marketing goals.

4. Strategy

You can ask them what kind of SEO strategy they are going to implement for your website and what can be their future plans to optimize keywords and content.

Strategy is one of the important steps of marketing and it needs to be designed in such a way to benefit the brand but if things are not working then you need to change your strategy and apply a new one.

Marketing is growing and changing very fast, we have to apply new techniques which are trending and popular to create brand Awareness of our brand.  It becomes very important for SEO professionals to understand the trending technology and add them into the strategy.

5. Reviews From Previous Clients

To hire someone you can check the reviews of agencies or freelancers from there you can get the basic idea what kind of knowledge off SEO level they have. Feel free to ask their client name and try to analyze their website what kind of changes they have done and what is the outcome

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